Cryptocurrency Faucets, Are They Worth It?

The question I asked when I started doing faucets almost 4-5 years ago.  I had even asked this very question on a forum with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts and was told the same thing that I see others saying even today – no, it’s not worth it. If it was still almost 4-5 years ago, I would agree, however I am not so sure now. When I learned about bitcoins and cryptocurrency in general I had just left a steady job after 5 years.  In between looking for new work I turned to surveys as something extra to get me by. 


Welcome to DY, or as you can also say, Dejitaru Yume (loosely translated from Japanese meaning; Digital Dreams).  The name is the site is a working title, however the goal will remain the same; to provide guides and news to fellow enthusiasts geared to those who aren’t able to invest much on how to earn and gain cryptocurrency on their own. I decided to create this site after searching around for guides for low income or no income people.  It was not that easy to find since most of the sites I would find would talk you through on how to