Dejitaru Yume (aka: Digital Dreams), or DY for short, was started in November of 2017 with the goal to help those who may be new comers to cryptocurrency and aren’t sure where to start. It can also be used for others like me who are low on income to actually invest real funds into this trend. I started this because I found a lack of these types of sites around the internet because most were geared to investing a couple hundred dollars just to start off – something that the lower class can’t exactly do – but even with that said, it is possible to slowly earn crypto (albeit slower), and that is the goal here – to show the best ways that I have found to earn crypto and how to maximize your earnings.

Everything that is listed on the “Earn Crypto” pages are sites that I can personally vouch for and ones that I think highly of. I also do not claim that I am a expert to know everything about crypto, but I am doing what we all here want to do and that is to get a ‘piece of the pie’ and hold onto it for the future.

Note that nothing here will be any of those typical ‘quick rich’ schemes – the only legit way to earn crypto is by doing small tasks where you can get about $5 a month at the current rates – however in 5-10yrs time, those couple dollars may be a bit more as crypto continues to rise.

With that said, please enjoy your stay and I hope that you find the site useful! Thank you!

~ Yumene