Hello and welcome!

Thank you for using the Coinpot Faucet Dailies app! This is a simple page that I created as a simple way to claim from the coinpot faucets quickly and easily without having my browser bogged down by too many tabs and to use on my phone as well since I was growing tired of other apps that would place their own ads on top of the ones that we have to see when we go to all these faucets (only to bog down the computers and devices more and more). Since I wasn't able to find this, I decided to make my own and share it with everyone! Hope that this is of use to you, and if it is, perhaps consider sending some bits to help pay for server costs as well as help in obtaining an actual domain!

Please note: I do not own the actual faucets that this site/app links to. This is simply a simple page that is used to easily claim your satoshi from them. Any ads and pop-ups are from the faucets themselves and there will never be any ads from this app. I unfortunally cannot control pop-ups and ads from the actual faucet pages.

Thank you,


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