Welcome to DY, or as you can also say, Dejitaru Yume (loosely translated from Japanese meaning; Digital Dreams).  The name is the site is a working title, however the goal will remain the same; to provide guides and news to fellow enthusiasts geared to those who aren’t able to invest much on how to earn and gain cryptocurrency on their own.

I decided to create this site after searching around for guides for low income or no income people.  It was not that easy to find since most of the sites I would find would talk you through on how to invest or what to buy – it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I am someone with no income currently (believe me, I’ve been trying to find work, but job markets are tough to find something that is stable). With that said, I do like to try to do odd jobs on the side to earn a little bit here and there; it isn’t much but everything helps.

I learned about cryptocurrency back almost 5yrs ago (from this post date) from a friend and I was interested; but I was also still in-between jobs at the time as well, so I decided to give this faucet called a go (which is still open today as well).  I didn’t start to do other faucets until about a month or so later and I went pretty heavy on them for a few months until I gave it up.  I was making more funds doing the surveys and reviews than I was doing faucets (getting $5 compared to a few cents you get each time by clicking an ad and filling out a captcha) and decided to focus more on that. Little did I know that I would regret not at least doing faucets to keep coins coming in later on.

When I stopped doing these faucets my balance was around $20 USD at the time. I saw a recent news article pop up on my Facebook page I decided to take a look at what I had gotten back then.  My little $20 that I earned was now worth over $200!  I decided to start earning more cryptocurrency again after this, but keep in mind that doing these little tasks is for long term and that I would not see anything short term. In reality, it only takes a few seconds to click on a ‘claim’ or ‘roll’ button every hour so it won’t hurt to keep at it this time around.

Cryptocurrency has taken a little dive; but I do have faith that it will rise again, and so it’s best to take advantage of this dip and earn as much as you can for each claim.  In addition to faucets I plan to also go over other various tools and resources to help earn even more.  I even plan to go over mining where you can use your computer or mobile device to passively mine for you!

So while this is still a new blog/news site, I already have a lot of plans on articles and guides. You can also find various links to faucets that you can try out right now and start earning. Anything that is linked are sites that I have used personally to find them safe and the best places to go to earn various currencies. I won’t link anything that I haven’t verified or that I don’t trust.

I hope that this site helps you!  Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

~ Yumene