Recommended online wallets to store and hold your various cryptocurrencies. The wallets below are ones that I have used personally and can personally vouch for.  I will never list any wallets that I have yet to try and get a feel for.

Coinbase is one of the more popular online wallets and one that I have used for a number of years personally.  Here you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.  I like this wallet because it feel also secure with two-factor-authorization active. In addition to that you can also link your Coinbase account up with a Shift debit card so you can use your wallet whenever you need it without having to first sell your coins. Overall I love it for it’s pure convince.

 Coinpot is a newer wallet that is gaining some popularity.  It is a wallet that holds Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Litecoin and also just recently added support for DigitalCash (DASH) in addition to Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  I use this one mainly for a few faucets and then once I get a decent amount I withdraw to Coinbase.  It does have 2FA like Coinbase that you can set up, however it lacks a lot of features that I like for Coinbase for.  That said, I do like Coinpot for it’s ability to convert coins to other coins for free (eg: Convert $1 of DOGE for $1 in LTC).